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“Clothes make a man”_ when it comes to power dressing for men, this adage fits the bill completely. In the corporate world, your personality plays a major role in getting you the success you deserve. So, your clothes, being your ‘second skin’, should be a personality enhancer rather than a hindrance. In the competitive corporate […]

Formal shirts In the UK, the term dress shirt is reserved for a particular type of formal shirt. There are formal day shirts for wearing with morning dress, and the white dress shirts used as eveningwear. A day dress shirt is fairly similar to a normal shirt, and is usually white, with a stiff detachable […]

Men’s suits: An ill-fitting suit can be seen from miles away and has a damaging effect on your image. So getting the right fit in a suit and having it tailored is rather important, that is if you have any concern about how you might come across in an interview, to a client or to […]